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Man Cave Furniture - theater seating

Your best option for creating an amazing man cave is creativity. The items we see marketed for a man cave are extremely expensive. If you are handy, you can make many of them by yourself and save a lot of money.

This is especially true regarding cabinets, coffee tables, bar stools and bookcases. When you create something by yourself, the sentimental value skyrockets. You also end up with something you really wanted as opposed to something that was simply available.

You will discover a wide variety of themes for an ideal man cave online to create your own unique theme or incorporate the elements you like the most into a personalized man cave. You have the pleasure of making all of the decisions.

You can ensure your man cave is spectacular with theater seating, customized cabinets, sports themes, a pool table, dartboard, bar or anything else you desire. Your man cave should be about what you enjoy such as your hobbies or favorite sport.

You can display special memorabilia in bookcases or cabinets, have a refrigerator for cold drinks or an enormous flat-screen television. We have offered good options for what you may want to include in your man cave.

Man Cave Chairs and Recliners

Most men consider a chair of their own a throne. You can enjoy watching sports, talking with friends, playing a game or enjoy a fantastic snack from your chair. Finding just the right chair can be difficult because the available selection is huge.

The main benefit of chairs is everyone has their own space. Chairs are generally easy to move around, come in a wide assortment of styles, materials and textures and offer numerous options including massages, recliners, footstools and built-in drink holders.

The disadvantage is the inability to sit next to someone on the same piece of furniture. If you have enough space, your best option is a combination of chairs and other seating such as a sofa or a sectional.

Club chairs are popular due to the comfort and fabrics available. A leather club chair is a classic piece of furniture for a man cave. A wing chair with a matching ottoman is both distinguished and stylish.

Consider a two-position recliner. Despite the limitations, this is the most affordable type of recliner available. If your space is limited, we recommend a hugger recliner to save space.

Power lifts make it easy to get up with push back recliners offering exceptional comfort. There are also glider, rocker and power lift recliners available. We recommend sitting in several to determine your favorite prior to making a purchase.

A recliner will help relieve any pain you have in your shoulders or back, improve your circulation, take the pressure off achy joints and even improve your posture. If you enjoy reading, place a small table with a lamp next to your recliner.

There are so many different styles and design options for both recliners and chairs, we believe you will find something ideal for your man cave in no time at all. You have a wide variety of prices to choose from to stay within your budget.

Man Cave Couches

There are endless possibilities for a man cave couch. Some are ideal for socializing, while others were created for lounging. One of the most popular is a sectional sofa. You will find a wide variety of sizes ideal for all of your friends.

Most of the sectionals we have seen have between three and five pieces. You can customize your man cave by arranging the pieces. The more pieces you have, the more configurations you can create.

To watch a game with your friends, we recommend a U-shape. You can place a coffee table or ottoman in the center. If you have less room, an L-shape is perfect for small gatherings or simply relaxing.

A recycling sofa is a combination between a modern sofa and a recliner. You will find them with as many as three different mechanisms for reclining. You simply push a button or pull a lever to recline with a footrest for your feet.

If you intend to watch sports, we recommend theater seating for both the features and comfort. Theater seating is generally oversized, offering features including accent lights, thick armrests, storage and cup holders.

Every seat offers an armrest and separate controls. The price is based on the level of functionality, versatility, style and design. When the recliners are closed, you will have the appearance of a traditional sofa.

If you need a place for guests to sleep, consider a pull-out sofa bed. The modern version offers a lot more comfort than in the past. The mattress is constructed of thick foam for stability, durability and comfort for your guests or a great nap.

Man Cave Bar Stools

We believe every man cave needs bar stools due to the numerous uses. If you are planning on having a bar, you will need at least a few stools. Bar stools are also ideal for having a snack at a counter or just talking with your friends.

A standard bar stool is between 30 and 36 inches in height. This is ideal if your bar is between 40 and 46 inches from the floor. Counter stools are between 24 and 29 inches in height. This is ideal for counters and shorter bars.

You will find amazing themed bar stools. You can display your creativity and personality with sports team bar stools. You can even hang matching memorabilia and mirrors on your walls for a unique and attractive space.

You will find bar stools in adjustable heights with adjustable backs, sturdy bases, no backs, chrome, wood, swivel, stationary, rustic, modern and more. We recommend swivel bar stools for large man caves.

You will have the ability to swivel to talk to your friends, watch a game or grab snack or drink. Since swivel bar stools require more room than stationary, we recommend stationary for smaller rooms.

Choose bar stools that compliment your man cave theme. A rustic design is excellent for a fantasy theme, while wooden stools are exceptional for a sports theme. If you intend to relax, consider stools with a comfortable back.

If you want your guests to attentively watch a game, listen to music or talk, backless stools are great. You can easily lean to the side or back to catch a great play or an interesting conversation.

Consider the material, style and design of the stool in addition to the theme of your man cave prior to making a purchase. Let your creativity run wild.

Man Cave Lighting

Good lighting is critical for your man cave. The lighting you choose should be the focal point of the room. If you want to have a home theater, we recommend either dimmer lighting or dimmer switches.

You do not want to risk a glare on your television from excessive lighting. We recommend either privacy shades or blackout drapes on your windows to prevent a glare from outside light.

If you intend to have a pool table, take a look at billiard lights. Your best option is a light roughly 40 inches above your table. Make certain your fixture is very secure. Incandescent bulbs provide the best possible lighting.

Man Cave Seating

Your seating can make your man cave extremely unique. Try something different like a bungee chair. The chair has a steel frame, holds a maximum of 225 pounds, is reliable, appealing, comfortable and is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

One of your more unusual options is a disco chair. The chair is equipped with a lot of electroluminescent wire. Once turned on, your chair will come to life with every color of the rainbow. You even have a flash and pulse setting for a spectacular show.

We believe a ghost chair is a sensational addition to any man cave. The backing and seating are both transparent so you can see right through them. You can make your own by cutting some logs and covering your chair with thick sheets made of acrylic.

Man Cave TV

Your TV may be the most important thing in your man cave. This is your chance to purchase the big flat-screen television you have always wanted or to use a projector and screen.

A full-motion swivel mount enables you to watch a game from anywhere in your man cave. Whether you are playing pool, mixing drinks or just relaxing, you will be able to enjoy your TV from anywhere in the room.

To figure out which type of television will work best, we recommend determining where your TV will be placed in the room and the size of your man cave. There are LED, 4K, ambient light-rejecting screens and screens of every size to choose from.

Man Cave Cabinets

One of the best ways of making certain your man cave is a reflection of your taste and personality is with the cabinets you choose. You are free to place anything you desire in your cabinets such as books, sports collectibles, CDs, DVDs, etc.

You have control over the type, style and size of your cabinet. You can even design and make something perfectly suited to your available space. First, determine where your cabinet will be placed to make certain you purchase the right size.

Decide which type of wood, metal or heavy-duty plastic you prefer, if you want open shelving, cabinets with doors or both. You can purchase a cabinet with built-in lighting to draw attention to a special collection.

If your man cave is large enough, you can cover an entire wall with cabinets for your television, games, books, sports collectibles, magazines, etc. There are so many options available, your choices are nearly limitless.

Your Man Cave

We hope all of the information we included in this article will help you create your dream man cave. We want you to have a place where you can relax, be comfortable, enjoy your friends, spend time alone or do whatever makes you happy.

We believe the most important aspects are your creativity, desires and preferences. No matter what size room you are using for your man cave, you can create something spectacular you can be proud of.

We encourage you to take the time to plan ahead and really think about what you want. Every piece of furniture or electronics should suit your requirements perfectly. So choose your theme, start looking and have the time of your life.

Man Cave Furniture - theater seating
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