Cool Things For A Home Bar

cool things for a home bar

If you are looking for some cool things for a home bar, we have you covered. After all, that’s what makes a home bar fascinating and unique is having cool items in it.

Because of this, I decided to assemble a catalog of all the cool and unique items I’ve found on the internet that has either made it into my home bar or are currenty on my want list.

Tools For The Bar

We’ll begin with a very basic introduction. How are you going to correctly mix drinks for your pals if you might not have a bar toolset? Here are a few alternative solutions I came across that include all of the essential equipment you’ll need to get going and are available in three different pricing levels to suit your needs.

Mixing Kit

Stainless Steel Naava 10 Piece Bar SetThis is an excellent deal for the money. A shaker, three pouring ice tongs, spouts, strainer, corkscrew, measuring jigger, beer opener, and a stand to hold everything are all included. This is definitely the one you can go for if you just want to learn how to create simple beverages, entertain visitors, or learn how mix drinks.

11 Piece Mixology Stainless SetIn terms of quality, this one is superior to the 10-piece, but it lacks a stand. Strainer, mixer, two shakers, a bar spoon, muddler, and fruit peeler as well as ice tongs, bottle opener, and cork screwer are all included. The muddler and fruit peeler was not included in the 10-piece set, but they are useful if you want to make beverages that require them. For home bar owners, this is arguably the most popular option.

Copper Bar Stainless SetMy personal fave is by far this. It has a very cool hammered copper appearance. This is ideal for a home bar that you like to have a high-end, classy appearance. The shaker is offered separately, but considering the pounded copper material it is constructed of, the price seems acceptable.

Unique Bar Accessories

Bottle Illuminator

2 Step Bar Shelf Bottle GlorifierThis illuminator is ideal for home bartenders who want to highlight their most expensive (and pricey) liquor bottles or simply add a personal touch to their bar. It comes with a color-changing LED light programmable remote control. Consequently, you may alter the hue to match the bottles on display or even the seasonal or party theme!

Wireless Remote Controlled Illuminated Bottle ShelfUnlike the previous two-step model, this one isn’t as high and may be mounted on the wall. As a result, it’s more adaptable and suitable for smaller-sized bars with limited space for a multi-step display. The only drawback is that unless you run the power wire behind the wall or cover it in some other way, the cord will be noticeable if you install it on the wall.

Necessities For A Home Bar


A refrigerator is required in every bar. You don’t want to have to run to the kitchen for a beer, a mixer, or ice each time you need it. The size of the fridge you’ve chosen your home bar is determined by the amount of space available, the purpose for which it will be used, and your budget.

Black Mini RefrigeratorThis one is my favorite because it comes with everything you’d want in a home bar: ice maker, beer can rack, extra room for tall bottles, and a regulator to maintain the temperature in check. This one is also available in seven different color options, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your bar’s design.


A kegerator is perhaps the handiest enhancement to your home bar that you can acquire whether you’re a beer drinker or if you often host parties.

Full-Size KegeratorThere is always something to consider when choosing a kegerator that I could create up an entire page on them. When picking one, keep in mind the amount of room you have, the size of kegs you usually buy, whether you want a double-tap (two separate barrels in one kegerator) or maybe just a single tap, and, of course, your financial situation.

So for this post, I’ll keep it easy, the KC2000 is amongst the most popular models from the EdgeStar brand, and it’s is among the most popular models from the EdgeStar brand. It’s not overly pricey and comes with everything you’ll need to get going in the realm of kegs. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Bar Glassware

To give your bar some personality, you’ll need interesting glassware (and a method to showcase it.)

Globe That Holds Bottles

For a home bar, they are undoubtedly perhaps one of the most unusual items I’ve seen across. I enjoy things like this because they give your home a unique look that makes it fascinating.

Wood Globe Wine Bar StandThis is ideal for a dining or living room where you don’t want to set up a full bar but yet just need a drink serving area. It’s a globe in the 16th-century style that can contain a variety of glasses as well as bottles of wine or spirits.

It’s also housed in a wooden serving cart that may be used to store other bottles, canapés, or anything else you might think of to go with a globe from the 16th century. This one is guaranteed to be a topic of discussion.

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