Man Cave Bar Stools

Man Cave Bar Stools

A man like you puts a lot of effort into your man cave. It is the part of the home that showcases your taste, personality, and interests. When people enter, you want them to feel comfortable and at ease. A great way to get friends to relax is a designated gathering area and there is no better place than at a bar. Bars are a great choice for sharing drinks and food while hanging out with buddies and every bar needs the right bar stools to go with it. Bar stools vary in style, shape, and material. Keep reading to find the best bar stools for you! 

Rustic Bar Stools

Rustic bar stools are a great way to capture country charm and bring it into your favorite room in the house. They look sturdy and strong, so all of your friends will feel confident taking a load off. Showcasing wood’s beauty, rustic bar stools are a great choice for man caves that embrace natural elements. 

Rustic Farmhouse Bar Stools

This rustic farmhouse bar stool by Moe's Home Furniture Collection showcases that style. The seat is made of fir wood and looks fantastic when paired with an iron base. 

Rustic Farmhouse Bar Stool

The footrest bar is essential for your friends to sit comfortably and wraps around the entire chair. The backless design makes the seat approachable from any side, which is great for smaller man caves. There is no question if it is sturdy, with its broad base. This is a great bar stool for man caves that want to capture the country indoors. 

Rustic Cabin Bar Stool

You can take step deeper into rustic territory with a cabin bar stool. This is a great choice for guys that hunt, fish, camp, or live in the woods. These kinds of stools have wood that embrace its natural character, using logs for stool legs, arms, chair backs, or foot rests. The seat is usually either wood or a plush leather upholstery.

Bar stools can feature animals carved or cut into the seatback, reinforcing your country décor, like this stool from Glacier Country. Bears, wolves, and eagles are just a few of the woodland designs you will find on these chairs, tying your room together.

Rustic Cabin Bar Stool

Rustic Wooden Bar Stool

Rustic Wood Bar Stool

A rustic wooden bar stool keeps it simple. Unlike the cabin bar stool, this stool has no frills or gimmicks. The wooden seat and seatback of this beautiful Amish Wood bar Stool features a smooth finish, adding comfort to the design. The knots and dark bark left on the stool legs and back take center stage. This is a great addition to a man cave that captures a log cabin or mountain lodge feel.

You and your friends will feel surrounded by pine trees and serenity in a man cave that embraces a rustic style. Bring that look together with rustic bar stools.

Modern Bar Stools

The next style of bar stool to consider is a modern bar stool. This is the bar stool for the modern man cave as well as lofts, industrial spaces, and patios. Sleek design paired with functionality can make a statement or blend into the canvas of your décor. This kind of bar stool can have features that others do not, like height adjustment or outdoor durability. 

Modern Bar Stools

Modern Adjustable Bar Stools

Adjustable bar stools are great for a man cave owned by a guy that wants to be an exceptional host. Your friends come in different heights and so should your bar stools. Make everyone comfortable in a seat that is the right height for them. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind stool by Chintaly Imports makes height adjustment a breeze with an easy to reach handle right under the bent  seat. Pairing a PVC seat with a stainless steal base, these stools make a modern statement while adding functionality. Your man cave will look sleek and welcoming with these adjustable bar stools. 

Modern Adjustable Bar Stool

Modern Backless Bar Stools

Modern Backless Bar Stool

Backless bar stools are versatile and approachable from any direction. They anchor your modern bar yet do not block its view. These gorgeous bar stools from CB2 up the style of your man cave to the max. Made of steel and finished in gold powdercoat, they will catch the eye of all your friends. When they are not in use as a seat, they will tuck snuggly under your bar or play double duty as a small table. 

Modern Outdoor Bar Stools

Since gathering outdoors is a perfect opportunity to show off your grill master or cocktail mixing skills, some man caves are not caves at all. Patios and decks make great spaces for your friends to come together. Give them a place to sit with this outdoor bar stool by Summon. Made from a two-tone synthetic rattan weave and offering a deluxe plush all-weather cushion for the tushy, this stool is both extremely durable and delightfully graceful at once. Offering multiple color choices, this bar stool pairs with any outdoor design scheme. 

Modern Outdoor Bar Stools

Swivel Bar Stools

Everyone loves a swivel chair! A swivel bar stool means everyone can reach the chips and dip a bit easier, sure, but it is also a great way to allow guests to sit in your man cave without missing any of the party. For bar stools that are heavy, a swivel seat reduces the need to pick up and move the stool, reducing potential damage to the beautiful floor you installed last summer. 

Wooden Swivel Bar Stools

Wooden Swivel Bar Stools

These stunning wooden swivel bar stools are truly unique and will set your space apart from anyone on the block for sure. The Industrial style swivel design sets these barstools apart from any other swivel bar stool we've seen. The seat on this stool shows off the wood’s natural beauty while still giving your guests the comfort of a swivel. Your mancave will feel complete with this beautiful balance of sophistication and practicality. 

Metal Swivel Bar Stools

Metal Swivel Bar Stool

If wood does not catch your eye, a metal bar stool like this certainly will! These stools are robust, offering a sick-looking metal that looks almost pieced together like an airplane on the outside. This gangster bar stool is brought to us by ACME and  offer unparalleled comfort and durability. The wide, metal swivel seat has a low back and a broad base. The foot rest will encourage your friends to stay for a while and you can relax, assured that any spills or dripped salsa can be cleaned off with no regret. 

Backless Swivel Bar Stools

A backless swivel bar stool is a great touch for an industrial man cave. These little guys bring a contemporary feel to your man cave with these stools. A long center screw allows you to easily adjust the height to a perfect fit for your bar and the exposed hardware make give it a rugged edge. Wide set stool legs and a foot rest ensure that even without a back, all your buddies will feel right at home.

A swivel seat is a great solution for bars in the center of the room or if a TV is the focal point of your man cave. Your guests will never have to choose between missing the next play or connecting with friends. 

Backless Swivel Bar Stool

Wooden Bar Stools

Bar stools made of wood can feel luxurious or practical, depending on how you match them to the rest of your man cave design. The quality of the wood and craftsmanship make all the difference! Wooden bar stools range from opulent to cheap. Some even come unfinished, which lets you custom finish it to perfectly coordinate with the rest of your man cave. 

Wooden Bar Stool with Back

Wooden Bar Stool with Back

A wooden bar stool with a back is the “old reliable” of bar stools. It doesn't necesarily have to be flashy or assuming. But it can also be one that fits perfectly with your man cave, like this Wooden Bar Stool with Camouflage Fabric Seat. We have all seen them at pubs and they bring a familiarity that can feel comforting, while also rounding out your man cave design. The stool is sturdy yet elegant. 

Cheap Wooden Bar Stool

For guys that are no fuss and want to keep it to the basics, a bar stool like this one from International Concepts is ideal. Natural wood finish and backless, this is as simple as they come. The straight forward design features a round seat, foot rests, and straight legs. The price is great for those on a budget!

Cheap Wooden Bar Stool

Unfinished Wooden Bar Stool

This unfinished wood bar stool from the Whitewood Furniture is the jump off point to perfectly match your bar stools to your bar and the rest of your man cave. Whether you paint them the exact color that ties the room together or you stain them the same color as your bar, your personal love and care will shine.

Wooden bar stools offer flexibility in style, function, and price. They can embrace wood’s natural beauty or be the key piece in tying your whole man cave design together.

Unfinished Wooden Bar Stool

Adjustable Bar Stools

Adjustable bar stools are versatile and maximize comfort. Height adjustment make the seat a perfect fit for any person and any bar. Adjustable backs and arms take it a step further. To cap it off, some bar stools even recline! Chairs will all three options are the cream of the crop for bar stools. 

Adjustable Bar Stool with Back

Adjustable Bar Stool with Back

Bar stools with an adjustable seat are versatile! If you need a bit more or less height, pull the handle on this stool from Coaster. The chrome base paired with a bent wood seat and upholstered back make this a great bar stool for a man cave that is high on style. It is a sleek option for guys that prioritize both comfort and aesthetic. 

Adjustable Bar Stool with Back and Arms

Some bar stools have arms, taking hospitality to the next level. Sending a clear message to your buddies that they can and should make themselves comfortable, this tufted fabric adjustable barstool from Coaster has all the bells and whistles. A leatheretter seat and arm rests offer comfort and support while the foot rest and adjustable height will ensure a perfect fit. You are sure to impress every person that visits your man cave with these luxurious bar stools. 

Adjustable Bar Stool with Back and Arms

Bar Stools that Recline

Bar Stools that Recline

The epitome of comfort and hospitality is the bar stool that reclines. Allowing your guests to lean against a flexible back, these stools spring back to place when your guest sits up. They come in many finishes and materials, from wood to iron, and the designs can be sleek or opulent. A drafting chair like this one from Hillsdale Furniture might be a good solution! Supportive seats typically accompany them, inviting your friends to truly relax in your man cave.

Adjustable bar stools are a great solution for hosts that want to make sure their friends are comfortable. From seat height to arm adjustments and even seats that recline, an adjustable seat sends a message to buddies that they can truly relax in your man cave.

A man cave is more than a place to put your sports collectibles. It is the hang out spot for your friends and a chance to let your personality shine. From entertainment to decorations, you thought of everything to create a space all your own. After the effort you put into setting up your man cave, make sure your friends have a comfortable and functional place to sit! Using this guide, you can choose a bar stool that meets your needs. It can be purely functional, like the simple, backless bar stool from Mainstay or more style and comfort focused like the adjustable bar stool from Lamps Plus. Whichever way you go, finding the perfect bar stool will be a breeze after reading through this style guide.


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