Best Dart Boards for Man Cave

best dart board for man cave

A dartboard is an essential part of any college dorm room. It’s a long-standing pastime that hasn’t lost any of its lusters. Despite the simplicity of the game’s premise, aiming arrow-shaped darts at a sphere-shaped target on a wall can be both addicting and challenging.

A game of darts with family or friends is a fun way to pass the time when you don’t have anything else to do. When it comes to making the most of every extra time, which dartboard should you use? Of course, there is a slew of variables to consider. Discover the answer for yourself by continuing to read. Some people may be surprised to learn that darts may be managed to play on a variety of surfaces, given the wide range of board alternatives available.

Choosing the right dartboard depends on a variety of things, including who you’ll be playing with and whether you appreciate doing the mental arithmetic or prefer to have it done for you. Some of the most important characteristics of boards will be discussed in the following sections.

Novelty Boards

Having fun is the primary goal of novelty boards. Children and adults alike will enjoy the mild competition and relaxation that these boards provide, whether it’s a safe magnetic version free of sharp steel points that aren’t bound by the regulations. As a result, they’re also less expensive and time-consuming to put up because the standards for correct measurements of distance to play aren’t as tight.

Bristle Dartboards

PDC and BDO are two professional leagues that still use the older-style boards when playing with steel-tip darts (BDO). The thick fibers allow the steel to penetrate and to be removed from the board without damaging it long-term. There are many different types of dartboards out there, but this one is the most popular in the United Kingdom and the countries around it. Quality boards rarely have darts, as players like to pick their own according to size and weight.

Electric Dartboards

Increasingly common are electronic dartboards, sometimes known as darts with soft tips, which have become increasingly popular in Asia recently. As you might think, soft-tipped darts are utilized in this style of dart. In order to land, these darts must be tossed on plastic-made boards with holes in them. Due to the lack of steel points, this design of the dart is preferred by many people.

Even more impressive is that the vast majority of games are pre-installed on the board’s computer, so you’ll be able to start playing immediately. Almost every chessboard has a dartboard. Once you’ve decided whatever type of darts you want to play with, check out our selection of the best below.

Dartboard Ideas

Unicorn Eclipse Dartboard

Professional dart players seeking a dartboard in the traditional form will appreciate the Unicorn Dartboard. The PDC endorses the bullseye, which uses Unicor type technology and a staple-free design to maximize the board’s useable area and decrease bounce-outs. In addition, a wall-mounted checkout chart is included with the board for quick and simple double- and triple-calculations.

Double-Sided BATTOP Dartboard

There is no better way to learn how to shoot arrows on a budget than with the BATTOP Dart Board. It doesn’t matter if this two-sided flocked dartboard is of poor quality; it’ll keep you darting.

In addition to the conventional 20-number target side, this board features a center-oriented accuracy game on the reverse, which makes it easier to hang in man’s caves, game rooms, or any other arena. After unpacking and hanging the board, you’ll have six darts: three of red color three yellow-colored ones.


Children who wish to play darts but are too young for sharp or pointy ends may prefer this dartboard. A reversible design and four pairs of colorful magnet-tip darts are included in this robust board.

In order to hang the board quickly and easily, the board contains a built-in loop that can fit over the nails or other locations. You may take it camping, partying, or anywhere else you’d like. It’s great for kids’ rooms or game rooms alike.

Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard 

There are a lot of high-priced professional dartboards out there, but this set is a great alternative. When you hang the board, it comes with six steel-tip darts, so you can start playing right away!

As the more extensively used components begin to wear out, the number ring on this board rotates, as it does on many of the more expensive models.

WIN.MAX Dartboard

Those who favor electric darts would love this dartboard. You’ll find 12 darts in this set, as well as 21 games with up to 65 possible combinations and an LCD display for tracking your results! Cricket and bowling, as well as a wide range of other games, can keep you entertained for hours.

A voice announcer and an automatic score system are also included on the board, which adds to the fun and rivalry of the game. You may also play in a number of locations because the board can be powered by batteries or a wall outlet.

Sports EastPoint Derbyshire Bristle Dartboard

There are six darts and a cabinet finish that is both useful and fashionable included in this dartboard package. Both scoreboards can be chalked on once the two hinged doors have been opened. When the doors are closed, the board is completely obscured.

You won’t be able to misplace your darts thanks to the indoor dart storage. Following an impact, the board is able to self-heal, thanks to a fiber made from the plant sisal. Bullseyes that don’t have staples are easier to hit since they have a larger target area and fewer bounce-outs. The number ring is rotatable for more equal wear and improved longevity.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Dartboard

If you’re looking for a freestanding dartboard that doesn’t require any drilling or DIY work, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard may be the right choice for you. The three shelves and cupboards built into the platform provide enough storage room for a night of dart-based fun with this high-quality electronic board.

There are 24 games and 132 possibilities for a wide range of entertainment on this system, which can accommodate up to eight players. In addition to the voice prompt and the micro-thin spider, both of which are tournament standards, the micro-thin spider aids to prevent bounce-outs. Six soft-tip darts are included with the board, so you can begin playing as soon as you’ve finished setting it up.

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