Willy Wonka Pinball Machine

Willy Wonka Pinball Machine

Willy Wonka Pinball

The Willy Wonka pinball machine from Jersey Jack Pinball is an absolute masterpiece from the mind of legendary pinballer Pat Lawlor who is credited on some of the most popular and influential pinball machines ever created, including epic The Addam’s Family and The Twighlight Zone pinball machines.  Pat Lawler - Head of Game Design at Jersey Jack Pinball in front of Willy Wonka pinball machines The Willy Wonka pinball machine is honestly one of the most innovative machines ever created that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment. Lawlor says Willy Wonka pinball “is the type of game that everyone can relate to. The movie is a piece of Americana, and we feel we did a very good job at bringing that to life.” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most iconic films ever made. But I remember the book as a kid. I have vivid memories of going to the Book Fair in elementary school and having enough money for one book. I chose Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because, let’s face it, it said chocolate factory! I read that book so many times as a kid that it was torn to pieces.
We were cogniscent of the fact that people that don’t ordinarily play pinball would be drawn to Willy Wonka – Pat Lawlor
Willy Wonka Pinball

Willy Wonka Pinball Features

Jersey Jack is famous for its hi-tech pinball games and that is part of what makes Willy Wonka pinball so unique and a truly breathtaking machine. It comes with Jersey Jack’s epic HD monitor as well as a mini-monitor under the glass for the Wonka Vision, which adds a completely unique element to the game.  The most immediate goal of the game is to collect the ever-elusive Wonka Bars. These are used for awards and bonuses in the game. The basic idea to collect Wonka Bars is to shoot for ramps. There is a “snake line of inserts” in the game that the game designers put in to mimic a factory tour. The goal is to play these modes and get all of the awards. Fans of the movie will recognize these areas of the Chocolate Factory, like the Fizzy Lifting Drink Room, The Golden Egg Room, or the Invention Room. What’s really cool about these modes is that the screen plays parts of the movie that correspond to each of these rooms and modes of play. At the same time, you will see the rules of that particular mode on the Wonka Vision display that will let you know the objectives for that mode. So the game experience is very interactive and it’s not just smashing the paddles and keeping the ball in play.  In the Limited Edition and Collector’s versions of the game there is a Wonkavator that has a game to game carryover feature where you can get multi-ball bonuses. Wonkavator multiball The Most Secret Machine feature is absolutely one of a kind. There is an Everlasting Gobstopper that spins every time a target is hit. Once you hit the target enough times it triggers the floor beneath the target to open up where you can shoot the ball into it. This will trigger a multi-ball bonus in the game. Willy Wonka Pinball - Gobstopper Bonus Multiball Target There are two side flippers in the game that bring an incredible risk/reward aspect to the game because most good players want to keep the ball going north and south. The side flippers make it so the ball goes more side to side and can get very unpredictable. However, there are some cool rewards in the game for hitting targets that you can only get if you utilize these side flippers.

Willy Wonka Pinball Machine Game Models

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