Klondike Log Pool Table

Meets all Billiard Congress of America specifications

14 ply main beams and 7 ply side beams make up the inner structure of the body

Assembled unibody which has the top machined to .005″

Top plate on the unibody for slate backing and attaching cloth

Three-piece, one-inch thick Brazilian slate

Chocolate brown, short shield pockets

Championship Tour Edition K66 cushions

Over 20 different cloth colors available

Requires a professional installer to set the table up



The Klondike is a log pool table that was inspired by the Northwoods.

All of the logs are hand peeled using a drawknife.

Each table is very unique as each knot has its own character.

By not peeling off all of the cambium or bark with the drawknife, more of a contrast is created on the logs.

This particular rustic pool table is perfect for the person who is looking for the country atmosphere.

With a personality all its own, you might think the Klondike log billiard table was designed by Mother Nature!


7', 8'

Felt Color

Basic Green, Tournament Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Olive, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Firebrick, Electric Blue, Euro Blue, Blue, Tournament Blue, Dark Navy, Academy Blue, Purple, Black, Charcoal, Steel Gray, Titanium, Camel, Khaki, Brown, Golden, Aztec, Paprika, Taupe, Brick, Gold, Orange

Klondike Log Pool Table

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