Pinball Machine For Home

Pinball Machine For Home

Pinball machines might be one of the most badass things you can have in your man cave. They provide hours upon hours of entertainment. And they elevate your man cave from a decent little hangout to absolute baller status. 

Let’s face it, pinball machines are the sh*t. Especially if you get one that fits your style or personality. Or one that emotes nostalgic memories from your glory days. And who doesn’t like a little competition? I know I’ll be damned if anyone is ever going to beat my top score on my own damn pinball machine! I’ll play for as long as it take to ensure my name is a permanent fixture at the top of the leader boards. 

This guide is meant to show you some of the best options when it comes to home pinball machines.

But what are the best home pinball machines?

You have a few choices when it comes to getting a home pinball machine for your man cave. You can go the old school route and get a machine that has been around the block a little bit. Or you can go for a more modern 21st-century pinball machine. It’s really up to you and what you are looking to add to your man cave. 

Are you looking for a more classic pinball machine or are you looking for more bells and whistles with a hi-tech pinball machine?

Classic Pinball Machines

The classic pinball machines are the ones you remember seeing in the arcade at the mall next to the food court back in the days when it was safe for your mother to leave you there while she went department store hopping. Or at the sports bar when your dad brought you for wings after his softball game. These machines sat in the corner and devoured quarters faster than the first basemen on your dad’s softball team taking down the chicken wings. 

And the thrill of getting your initials up on the high score top 10 was everything as a kid. 

Let me tell you…it still is! 

I loved some of these classics. The Addam’s Family is a classic pinball machine that is one that is permanently etched in my memory as a kid. The Twilight Zone is another one I distinctly remember. Playing these games as a kid was so incredibly addictive. And they still are today. 

One of the coolest things about having the classic pinball machines in your home is that you get to bring some of those memories back while creating new ones at the same time. 

Addams Family Pinball

Modern Pinball Machines

I really love the hi-tech pinball machines that are out today. Some of them are incredibly fun to play and have so much interaction that you can literally play for hours on end and have a different experience with every ball you play. 

The technology involved in some of these 21st-century pinball machines is mind-boggling. And the coolest thing is that they add real-life entertainment into the game. 

The Willy Wonka pinball machine is one of my favorites. I think that is the machine I am leaning towards getting for my own personal cave. This thing is so cool, bringing the old movie back to life with a giant HD TV screen instead of just digital numbers. 

Some of the modern pinball machines that are out today are amazing. Bringing elements of classic pinball in for the die-hard pinball wizards and tournament players and combining it with modern technology to provide a truly unique experience. 

Ok, so how do you choose which pinball machine to get? Let’s take a look at some of the different manufacturers and see if we can decipher what type of machine you would want to get.

Home Pinball Machine Manufacturers

There are only a few reputable pinball machine manufacturers that you should be looking at when you’re looking at buying a pinball machine for home use. While there are only a few manufacturers, there are plenty of dealers that offer these pinball machines. So that may affect your decision as well.

Jersey Jack Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball Logo

If you are looking for the best modern pinball machines for home, look no further than Jersey Jack Pinball. These machines are incredible. The aforementioned Willy Wonka pinball machine is made by Jersey Jack.

Jersey Jack is known for their 21st-century hi-tech pinball machines that have big HDTV screens on them that interact with the game you play. With a ton of different modes, bonuses, hidden secrets, and more, Jersey Jack pinball machines are my choice for my man cave. 

Some of their other games include the incredibly fun Dialed In pinball machine, the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz, and the new Guns N Roses pinball machine. 

All of Jersey Jack’s pinball machines are made with modern technology and so many bells and whistles, I have to dedicate pages to them individually.

Willy Wonka Pinball

Bally’s Pinball

Bally pinball is the manufacturer of a lot of the classic pinball machines that I remember as a kid. Some of their most popular games include The Adam’s Family, The Twilight Zone, and Attack From Mars. They stopped making pinball machines in the late 90s, but you can still find used Bally pinball machines at a lof of dealers. You just want to make sure they are refurbished and in great working condition before you make any purchase of these machines.

Chicago Gaming Company

The Chicago Gaming Company pinball machines are pretty cool as well. They have remade a few classics and brought them a little closer to the modern era. While still not on par with Jersey Jack, they have upgraded some of the graphics to add color instead of the reddish-orange lights that were displayed on the machines earlier. Some of their updated titles include Monster Bash, Medieval Madness, and Attack From Mars.

Chicago Gaming Company Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball logo

Stern Pinball is one of the most popular pinball manufacturers out there. They have a lot of modern titles that include Stranger Things, Avengers: Infinity Quest, and Jurassic Park. They also have some games based on classics like the original Batman TV Series, Star Wars, and Iron Maiden. 

Being one of the most recognized names in pinball, I wish Stern would catch up to the times a little bit with their technology. While they do have a screen on the back part of the machines, I think I might just be a little spoiled with the ginormous screen from Jersey Jack’s machines in comparison.

Why Having A Home Pinball Machine is a No-Brainer

Having a pinball machine for home in my man cave was one of the first things on my list. It’s just something that I think is an amazing addition and will provide hours and hours of entertainment. Whether it’s just for you, for your guests, or for when the little ones want to come down and have a go at your high score.

Having a pinball machine in the man cave is one of the best investments you can make to truly make your man cave stand out. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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