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A Few Ways To Choose The Best Man Cave Sign 

When you are setting up your man cave, you might want to add a sign to the room or area that will make it look unique. You are using a sign to mark the space as your own, but you need to choose a style that you believe will be the best for your home and personality. There are funny signs, wooden styles, personalized signs, signs with the rules for the room, and even sports-themed signs. Continue reading as you decide which sign you think you would like to use.

Funny Man Cave Sign

When you want to post a “funny man” sign, you can post jokes from your favorite comedians, a silly inside joke you have with your friends, or a funny quote from your favorite TV show. You could try sayings like “make sure you get to heaven before the devil knows you’re dead” because you want your guests to get an idea of how you live your life.

You should also consider posting something that will stun your guests like “you must drink a minimum of FIVE Bud Lights before leaving” because you like to drink.

Your funny signs might be a bit self-deprecating like “don’t judge after you see us drunk” because you know everyone will meet the drunk version of you during their visit. Funny signs might also remind visitors that “the man cave smells different from the rest of the house—SORRY” because you want to gross out your wife when she enters the room. Because funny man cave signs can range from gross to almost childlike, you have a few options that will suit your personality.

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Wooden Man Cave Sign

A wooden man cave makes it look like you made the sign yourself. You can even claim that you made the sign no matter how it has been designed. A wooden man cave sign might be extremely refined as if you are hanging a shingle for your business, or the sign might be a little bit rough around the edges because you are also rough around the edges.

You can convert any sign idea you have into a wooden sign. The wooden sign tends to blend in with the rustic colors and designs that men tend to enjoy. The sign also can substitute as a bit of a business placard for the man cave. You can name the bar in your man cave after yourself, and the wooden sign looks like it should be used by a real business. A wooden man cave sign can be painted any color you want, and it can be stained to match the wood in the room.

Personal Man Cave Signs

A personal man cave sign allows you to add your name or the names of your friends to the wall. These signs can use your name, your initials, or your monogram to make an impression on anyone who enters the room. You can hang these signs from a hook on the wall, or you can tack these signs to the wall where your guests enter.A personal sign might also have an etched version of your face or your group of friends. These personal signs might carry everyone’s names, and you could add a personal sign every year instead of taking pictures. The personal sign can be made with different poses for the people in your group, and you might even add people to your group who will be added to the sign the next year.

A personal man cave sign makes the room feel like it is almost not even attached to the house. You have designated the space as you own, and a personal sign can conjure memories that you made in that room. When your son or daughter gets old enough to be added to the sign, they can become a part of the group. You can even add your wife or girlfriend when she starts hanging out with the guys, drinking, and watching the game with you.

Man Cave Rules Sign

Man cave rules are a good thing to post when you have people over often. You might want to post funny rules that will make all your guests laugh. At the same time, you can post very serious rules if you have big parties that need to be kept in check for everyone’s safety.You can tell everyone not to drink and drive, you can tell everyone to leave their keys in the basket, and you can tell everyone that you reserve the right to call a cab or car for anyone who is too drunk to drive. You can inform your male guests that there will be no flirting or touching in your man cave, and you might want to add rules about who can serve drinks.

If you want your rules to be a little bit more comical, you can tell guests that you do not allow jerseys from certain teams, or you could tell your guests that you do not allow cheering for certain teams. You might make a rule that everyone does a shot when your favorite team scores, and you might post a closing time on the sign so everyone knows when they need to leave. Your man cave rules make every party fun, safe, and easy on you as the host.

Sports Man Cave Sign

A sports man cave sign might contain nothing more than the logo of your favorite team. You can use the sports man cave sign to post the helmet from that team, a jersey, or even the number of your favorite player. You might add a skyline image of the team’s stadium, or you could post a panoramic shot from your college’s campus. If you want to take the sign to the next level, you can add all the championships that your team has won. You can even go so far as posting the scores from the championship game, or you might use an image of the team’s best player.

When you truly hate another team, you might add your hatred of that team to the sign. By doing this, you are showing your true fandom. For example, “this is Yankees country. No Red Sox allowed” is a good way to show your fandom while also hating another team. A Steelers fan might say, “if it’s Browns, flush it down” to get in one more crack at your friend who is a lifelong Browns fan. You can go for a wooden sign that features a relief image of your favorite team’s logo, or you might want a full-color sign that stands out.


Choosing a man cave sign allows you to show your personality and welcome guests into the space. You need a sign that says something about you as a person, shares your passions or makes your guests laugh before they get a drink. Your sign might be the best part of your man cave, and you can design a man cave sign that makes the house feel more valuable when you come to sell it. Take the sign with you to a new house, and everyone will recognize your man cave instantly. Enter your text here…

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