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Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

There are plenty of man cave ideas for a small room if you are pigeonholed and find yourself in a restricted space of the house. This is not necessarily a time to pout and whine about how unfair it is that you get a small room for your man cave. You just have to be a little more strategic about things. And luckily, we have the perfect ideas for a small room man cave to have you well on your way to the man cave that will be the source of envy amongst all your buddies.

Planning Out Your Small Room Man Cave

The first step in succeeding with the small room man cave is to plan it out. You can’t just go out and get whatever your little heart desires and stuff it all into your small man cave like a Thanksgiving turkey. You need to have a legit plan of action before you do anything. But fear not! We have the experience to guide you through these man cave ideas for a small room.

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Man Cave Decor and Theme for Small Rooms 

Look, just because you got stuck with the closet down the hall for your man cave does not mean that you can’t make it as badass as you want it to be. The first step is deciding the theme of your man cave. Yes, you may be restricted with what you can put in the man cave once the theme is chosen, but that doesn’t mean that you need to settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

Some Popular Small Man Cave Ideas:

  • Small Sports Bar
  • Poker Room
  • Gaming Lounge
  • Hunting and Fishing Cabin
  • Library
  • Superhero Fortress of Solitude
  • Home Theater
  • Music Studio

All of these man cave ideas can be pulled off in a small room. You just need to get creative. 

Small Sports Bar

The small sports bar man cave is one of the most popular choices because sports are synonymously linked to man caves. It is the reason a lot of man caves are created in the first place. A spot in the house for you to root like an English hooligan for a game where you have no pony in the race. But just because the space is small does not restrict you from being able to have a kickass sports bar in your man cave. The key to this is to really focus on what you want versus what you need. You can certainly fit a small bar in a room, but be careful to not completely monopolize the space. There are plenty of smaller bars that can actually be tucked in a corner that would work perfectly for the small sports bar man cave. 

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Poker Room

The poker room man cave is another popular choice for small rooms because you really don’t need a whole helluva a lot to pull it off. I mean you may not be able to host the World Series of Poker at your house, but you can certainly fit a good-sized poker table in a small room and have plenty of room for all of the other necessities. But if having a poker room is the main goal, it can certainly be achieved in a small room man cave. 

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Gaming Lounge

A gaming lounge can mean a few different things. If we are talking about video games, then all you really need are your consoles, a TV or two, and some comfortable seating and you’ll be well on your way to getting your ass kicked in Call of Duty by the kids who are still 6 years away from being able to legally drive. 

Now if we are talking about man cave games, you may be a little restricted. You may not be able to fit the pool table in a small room but there are definitely other man cave games and game tables that should be able to fit in a restricted space without a problem. A pinball machine can easily be tucked into a corner without impeding the rest of the room. The same thing goes for a dartboard that can go up against a wall in the corner. You just may not be able to have the types of game tables where you have to have room to walk around them. But there are still plenty of good ideas for a small room man cave gaming lounge.

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Hunting and Fishing Cabin

Hunting and fishing cabin man caves are perfect because you don’t really have to change a whole lot from what a real hunting and fishing cabin is anyway. They are naturally not that big unless you are a Diva when you go hunting and fishing. You can easily build a cabin themed man cave in a small room without sacrificing much at all.

Small Room Library

Having a library as a man cave might be an idea that gets scoffed at by a lot of people reading this. But to be fair, there are a lot of intellectual fellas who happen to have a twig and berries between their legs and have the same need for a place to get away just like the rest of us. Just because you haven’t read anything besides a dirty girl magazine since you were in high school doesn’t mean that some men don’t like to read. Don’t judge! 

Anyway…a library can easily fit into a small room. All you really need is to build a few bookshelves and get some solid, comfy furniture to lounge and get some reading done and you are all set.

Superhero Fortress of Solitude

If you’re looking for a Batman man cave or something, a small room man cave might be perfect for you. All you really need for these types of man caves is memorabilia and decorations which can easily be displayed on the walls. You might even have some room for some full-sized mannequin figurines in the corners if you play your cards right with your space.

Home Theater

The key to a really good home theater man cave is the TV and seating. If you get those things right, you really don’t need much else. You can doll it up to look like a theater if you want. But at the end of the day, if you are just looking for a solid place to watch your movies in peace, it really doesn’t require too much space. You can even stick your commercial popcorn machine in the corner and have a snack cart in the other corner to class it up. The focus is really on the TV and seating here which should leave you plenty of room to get creative with the rest of the space. Some theater seating (like the one below) allows you to choose the number of seats you want to include. 

Seatcraft Diamante

Music Studio

A music studio man cave is one of the most natural fits for a small room. You don’t need a whole lot of space to have a solid music studio. Plus the acoustics are better in a small room anyway. You may not be able to get the band back together and jam out on the weekends, but you can definitely turn a small room into the perfect man cave studio.

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Utilize the Walls

One of the things that you really have to consider in a small room man cave is the walls. The walls are going to be the best way to theme your man cave in a restricted space. The first thing to consider is the paint. What color do you want your man cave? There are some places where you can get your official team color paint if you are looking for a sports-themed man cave. Or maybe you want some murals or cards for the poker room theme. Or some wooden planks to make it look like a cabin.

Another thing when it comes to the walls is posters and artwork. Sports memorabilia can be plastered all over the walls without taking up any space at all. Or framed comic books. Or singing mounted fish (I love those things). The point is, no matter what you do, the walls are your friend when it comes to the small room man cave.

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Finding the Right Small Man Cave Furniture

One of the biggest hurdles will be to find the right furniture to fit into a small man cave. This is where a lot of guys get stumped because they wanted the huge sectional lounge sofa in their man cave. While it might be lovely to have that in your man cave so you can really explore the space, it might not be a wise use of your restricted area. The best thing to do when planning out the furniture is to prioritize the things you definitely need in your man cave. Now this may vary with the theme you have chosen, but here are some of the things to consider and decide what is most important to you.

  • TV 
  • Entertainment Center 
  • Seating – Sofa, Recliner, Theater Seating, Barstools
  • Bar
  • Extras – Gaming Tables, Snack Machines

Prioritizing these items is the first step. Then you work from there. For example, if having a giant TV is the most important thing, plan that out first and work backward from there. If having comfortable seating or enough room to fit your buddies over to watch the game is the most important factor to you, then figure out how to get the seating done and work the rest of the space around that. No matter what, you have to plan accordingly. Remember, you only have so much space, so this step is of utmost importance if you want the room to look good and feel comfortable and not packed tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm. 

Small Room Man Cave Lighting

The one thing that many guys often neglect is the lighting of their man cave. While it is called a man cave, you don’t want it to actually have the feel and look of a dark cave unless that is somehow the theme you’re going for. You need to be sure the room is properly lit. While it shouldn’t take much to light a small room, there are a few things that you might want to consider. 

Again, what is the focal point of the room? A home theater man cave might have different lighting than a poker room man cave. While the focus in the home theater may be on the TV or entertainment center, the poker room will obviously want the light to be centered around the card table. You want to start your lighting around the focal point and move on from there.

Personal Touches Make or Break the Small Man Cave

No matter what you do with your small man cave, it will ultimately be the personal touches that will make or break the room for you. A lot of this points back to the theme of the man cave that we spoke about earlier. While you may be a little restricted with your allotted space in your small room, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you want out of your man cave.

There are so many personal touches you can add to really make this your own room and a place where you love to be.

The whole goal of the man cave is to give you that one place in the world that is all yours.

Do not let the fact that you don’t have an entire basement to yourself ruin the opportunity you have to make your man cave deeply personal to you. Whether you have it decked out with your favorite athletes’ memorabilia or you have stuffed animal heads that you took down poking out of a cabin finish, as long as you add your own style and personal touches, this room will be your personal bunker and a place you can count on for a little much-needed man time to yourself. 

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