Man Cave Garage Gym

man cave garage gym

It is your birthright to have a man cave. But having a man cave garage gym is something that every guy strives for. Remember that the only rule to follow while designing your man cave is that it should reflect your personal tastes, interests, and goals. If you’re one of the guys that enjoys a good quality workout, then a home gym in your man cave is a no-brainer. With that in mind, check out this post if your dream man cave includes a home gym. Best of luck!

If you’ve decided you want to get in better physical shape but the idea of going to the gym multiple times a week is either not cool with you or impossible, then perhaps converting an underused garage into a home gym is a great option.

If you have some DIY experience and some basic tools, as well as the time, money, and energy to complete the job, it’s not as tough as you may think. So, if physical fitness is essential to you and you have an underutilized garage space, keep reading because we’ll show you how to turn your garage into the home health club of your dreams.

Determine the Project’s Scope

The first question to consider is: what do you hope to achieve from your home gym? If all you want is a space where you can throw some free weights around without being judged, your project’s scope will be limited, both physically and monetarily. If you want more from your home gym, you’ll have to make a decision right now. You’ll need to sketch out a basic design, do some cost research, and figure out a budget for the job.

This includes not only the price of the equipment, but also the expense of capital modifications to the space, such as a drop ceiling, track lighting, ambient heat in the floor, furnishings, sound system, and/or a full bar. It’s time to move on to the next phase when you’ve identified the scope, created a basic design, and established a budget.

Clean the Garage and Figure Out How Much Storage You’ll Need

Once you’ve determined the scope of your project, you’ll be able to estimate how much of your garage you’ll need to devote to it. Whether you’re using a corner of the garage for free weights or the entire room, you’ll need to inventory what you have presently, clean the garage, and move any undesirable items out of the way.

Some may be able to be moved to the basement or attic, while others will almost certainly have to remain in the garage. Set aside all the objects that will need to remain in their current location and calculate how much storage space they will require. If your gym will be small, you can buy ready-made storage containers and set aside a section of the room for them. If you want to go all out, you can modify your basic design to incorporate plenty of built-in storage.

Organize the Space

If you’re just using a section of the garage for free weights and a stationary cycle, now is the time to clean it up and make it ready to take equipment. It’s possible that you’ll want to carpet this area of the garage as well. If, on the other hand, you’re converting your garage into your own personal workout center, now is the time to get started.

Depending on how elaborate your changes are, you may need to engage a contractor. If you insist on doing it yourself, you’ll need to obtain the necessary building permissions and schedule inspections. In any case, now is the time to finish the space.

Invest in Equipment

It’s time to get the equipment you’ll need while the room is still taking shape. If you’re determined to keep things simple, you’ll only need a few pieces of equipment. Here is a list of common home gym products to consider for individuals who desire something more.

Power Rack

A power rack is a must-have item for any serious home gym. To optimize your training possibilities, make sure your power rack has a built-in bench.

Free Weights

A full complement of free weights is essential for any weight rack. Dumbbells and plates should have you covered for any form of exercise you could imagine. Make sure you get a whole set of weights, from light to heavy. This way you won’t be stuck lifting with the wrong weight and risk injury.

Treadmill and Stationary Bike

A well-rounded home gym must include cardio equipment, which can be either a treadmill or a stationary bike, or both. Having these machines in your home make getting your cardio in a whole lot easier.

A Large Fan

One of the best ideas I’ve ever had in my life is to include a ginormous fan to keep me cool during my lift. If you can have a ceiling fan then that would be even better! You can lay on your bench and let the air cool you down in between sets.

Don’t Forget The Walls

One of the things guys often forget is the decorations of the space. Whether you paint the walls in favorite team colors, have a luxurious eloquent painting for motivation, a collection of art or pictures of sports teams. Whatever it is, you want to make sure that you are creating the right environment to get the job done.

I personally have a collection of my favorite player photo from my favorite teams in my space. Along with painting the walls in my favorite team colors. It gives me the sense of actually doing something when I get in the gym and motivates me to push harder.

In Addition

Your deluxe home gym should have exercise mats, weights and a dumbbell rack, a punching bag, medicine ball, chin up bar, kettlebells, and mirrors (to monitor your posture as well as your progress). Oftentimes home gyms are not equipped to garner relevant results. From personal experience I can attest that spending the money on your home gym is one of those ideas you won’t regret. The one thing to remember is that a lot of times you don’t have a lot of extra storage. Unlike if you had your spot in the basement, there’s not a lot of closet space in a garage, so make sure you have ideas for where to put your gear.

Big Screen TV

A man cave is not complete without a big screen tv. Putting a TV in my gym was one of the best ideas I could have had. You can watch workout or motivational videos with tips while you exercise. You will want to install a smart tv on the wall so you can stream shows or watch youtube videos. That way you also don’t have to spend your time watching advertising and can focus on motivating material. Having the TV mounted on the wall will save room and allow for more fun equipment.

Set Up Your Tools and Go to Work

When the space is ready, get down to business and put the equipment in place, as well as any furnishings (if you’re going all out). If you have a refrigerator, start by filling it with water and fruit juices to make sure you get a cool drink during rest periods or after your workouts.

Your final goal should be to create a home gym that represents your fitness goals while remaining within your budget so you can attain relevant results. It’s pointless to construct a professional-style gym if you just use it once a week to lift a few free weights. But if you decide to install a quality gym in your garage man cave, it may just turn your dream into a reality and easily become your favorite room in the house!

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