Install Kegerator Under Counter

It is possible to replace your chiller with an under the counter kegerator to make your bar even more functional. In spite of the fact that they’re marketed toward college boys, having one of these is a great asset for any home entertainer!

It is difficult to install, which is the biggest disadvantage. Continue reading if you’re having problems installing an under-counter kegerator because you’ll learn some useful hints and ideas.

Installation Instructions

Despite the fact that you may already have your kegerator’s guidebook, it may still be tough to comprehend. The following installation instructions can be found here if you need them. Depending on the brand, manufacturer, and model number of the kegerator you use, you may need to make a few minor adjustments to the steps outlined below.

With the Wheels First

Make sure you’ve emptied the keg to the very last drop, both inside and out. Over time, slowly and carefully lift the beer keg dispenser, making sure everything is secure and steady as you go. Everything is out of whack.

Putting Up the Tower

Remove the plug to make place. When the door is open, it’s simple to slide your hand under the socket’s top. Using a screwdriver or your hands, open it. The draft tower can be installed now that you have the room. The beer hose needs to be untangled and fed into the tower by the hole. Once the cable is complete, the tower can be built.

To keep the black adaptor at the base of the tower in place, turn it in a clockwise manner. Although the recommended rotational angle is merely 25 degrees, extreme twisting can cause injury. When you glance at the cabinet, you’ll note that the faucet’s connection is now on the cabinet’s front. Reinstall it once it’s been twisted and removed from its original position.

Under the Counter Installation

Attaching the tower to your countertop is as simple as drilling a hole in it. This is a must due to the tower’s elevation. A spacer for the tower should be included in the kegerator once it has been finished. There will be no more heat leakage from the kegerator’s top to the tabletop’s bottom.

When squeezing the kegerator locking ring all the way down, make sure that the holes in your countertop match the one in the lid of the appliance.

Add in the Details

After the wheels at the base have been mounted and the faucet with a handle has been installed, it is possible to install the faucet with a handle. To tighten the faucet, just use the black handle that you recently purchased. Install the faucet by using a screwdriver and an adaptor on the tower’s front side. It is important that the handle is oriented toward the roof and that it is securely and vertically fastened to the wall. After that, place a drip tray beneath the sink faucet.

Connecting the Lines

Before you can start using the regulator, you must first attach the tubing to it. The CO2 regulator has a switch that can be used to make sure that the shut-off valve is entirely closed and parallel to the tubing that is being utilized. You’ll then need to hook up the regulator’s hose barb to the CO2 hose. Using pliers and a red plastic snap-on clamp with a self-locking plastic snap-on cap, tighten the clamp as much as feasible.

Make sure the clamp isn’t obstructing the valve before proceeding. The black rubber stopper has an open hole through which any keg line left over from the kegerator can be sent backwards. Your cylinder’s valve has to be connected to the regulator, so use the nut you just loosened to get it there. Before placing the cylinder in its final position, use a tool or pliers to tighten the hold down.

All you have to do to keep it in place is slip the holder into the pre-drilled holes on the back of the cabinet. CO2 regulator installation requires that you be able to see and operate both the CO2 gauge and completely closed valve simultaneously.

Keg Connection

Check the black draw lever on the keg coupler before inserting it into a beer keg. To ensure that the keg is properly attached, turn it an additional 25 degrees. Another plastic snap-on clamp secures the keg coupler to the opposite end of the CO2 tubing in place. It’s past time to connect the dots.

Make sure this one, too, is safe. A correct connection between the keg coupler and the beer tower is also necessary for proper operation. In order to re-tighten everything, remove the keg coupler’s rubber cap and place it into the line’s hex nut. To use the keg, simply pull the tap handle out of the bottom. The lock has been successfully engaged after the sound of a click.


The regulator on your kegerator must be tuned in order for it to perform properly. It’s probable that this task will take a long time to complete. If the cylinder valve is opened, the pressure can be set to 12 PSI by releasing the adjustment nut and crank regulator adjuster screw.

An unlocked regulator shut-off valve is required before you can turn on the keg. A more precise measurement can be made by raising the pressure release valve for a brief length of time. The regulator output pressure must be rechecked until it is accurate. Now that you’ve got your keg, it’s time to relax with a cold beer!

Advantages of an Undercounter Kegerator

Why would you want to have one of these in your home, where they were originally intended for fraternity brothers? Find out more by reading on. Kegerators are not just for the sake of looking like a professional party host; they may also save you money.


Instead of acquiring and establishing an additional chiller for your bar, a kegerator may be more cost-effective. Making your own will help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Lower Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning the kegerator’s small tap lines, it’s a breeze. In order to keep the lines cold and avoid early damage, regular cleanings and insulation are required.

Improved Temperature Controls

Consider adding an under-counter kegerator to preserve your beer at the ideal serving temperature. Kegerators can be used to serve any beer at any temperature, as long as you have enough space for it.

Under-counter kegerators can be challenging to install due to the large number of screws and cables that need to be passed through the unit during assembly. All of the information needed to get started on your own will be provided.

Depending on the model you are working with, you may have to change the sequence of the steps or merely make a few minor adjustments. After that, you may be able to relax with a drink in your hand.

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