How Does a Kegerator Work

how does a kegerator work

If you’ve ever asked yourself “how does a kegerator work?” you’re in luck! It’s time to go to man cave science class! A kegerator is a refrigerator that has been modified to include a keg tap, which allows you to pour draft beer from a keg. The CO2 pressure in the keg pushes the beer up through the beer line and out of the faucet.

The first step in using a kegerator is to attach the CO2 tank to the unit. You can do this by screwing it into the back of the refrigerator or by using a connector hose. Next, you will need to connect the beer line from the keg to the CO2 line. This is done by screwing a connector fitting onto each end of the lines and then twisting them together.

Once everything is connected, you will need to purge the air out of the beer line. This is done by depressing the CO2 release valve on the tank and letting it flow into the keg for about 15 seconds. Once the air is purged, you can turn on the refrigerator and let it cool down to serving temperature.

Once the refrigerator is cold, you can pressurize the keg by turning on the CO2 tank. You will know that the keg is pressurized when you hear a hissing noise coming from the CO2 release valve. Once the keg is pressurized, you can tap it by opening the faucet all the way. The beer will flow freely from the faucet as long as there is pressure in the keg.

When you are finished pouring beer, be sure to close the faucet and release the pressure in the keg by turning off the CO2 tank. This will help prevent the beer from spoiling. When the CO2 tank runs out of pressure, you will need to replace it with a new one. Be sure to also replace the CO2 cartridges every few months, depending on how often you use your kegerator.

That’s how a kegerator works! It’s actually not too difficult to set up and use, and it provides a great way to enjoy fresh draft beer at home. So next time you’re throwing a party, break out the kegerator and show your friends how it’s done!

Can You Build a Kegerator into a Bar?

If you are trying to build a bar, it might be better to install a beer tap faucet with the bar. That way you can have draft beer any time of day! This will also make it easier to clean your kegerator because you won’t be constantly moving glassware around in it.

Yes, You Can Build a Kegerator into a Wall

You may not think that building a kegerator into the wall is possible, but with our selection of hidden tap refrigerators, it’s totally doable. Even if you don’t want to hide your refrigerator entirely, there are still ways to keep your kitchen looking its best while having quick access to delicious draft beer!

Mini Fridge Kegerator

Remember that college fridge you had in your dorm? IS it possible to turn that into a kegerator?

Yes, it is possible to convert a mini fridge into a kegerator. In fact, it’s a great way to save some money on your kegerator setup. You just need to make sure that the fridge has enough space to fit a keg and that it can reach the proper cooling temperatures.

It is possible to turn a mini fridge into a kegerator. This way you can save some money on your kegerator setup and have the convenience of having draft beer within arm’s reach!

Kegerator FAQ

How long does beer in a kegerator last?

The beer in the keg usually lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

How should I clean my beer lines?

Use cleaning solution designed for this purpose. You can also see your local distributor that might sell a cleaner matching this description. Try to run it thru the taps after you are done so all residue will be removed from the tubing.

How do I clean my kegerator?

Use cleaning solution designed for this purpose. You can also see your local distributor that might sell a cleaner matching this description. Try to run it thru the taps after you are done so all residue will be removed from the tubing.

Is it worth having a kegerator?

Absolutely. Kegerators are a great investment if you like to drink quality draft beer at home.

How do I get beer from my kegerator?

In order to get the beer from the kegerator, simply push down on the serving lever and pull it out slightly so that the tap is open and ready for pouring. Lower the lever back down to close the tap.

How does a kegerator stay cold?

The kegerator refrigeration unit is designed to maintain a constant temperature inside the unit.

Will kegerator work without CO2?

No. The kegerator requires CO2 in order to dispense beer properly.


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