DIY Man Cave Ideas

DIY Man Cave

Now, Especially, is the Time for a DIY Man Cave!

The traditional “man cave” that burgeoned to the surface about twenty years ago was typically an extra room, extra bedroom, a study, den, office, or even the basement that became the man of the family’s special space. The household man cave is supposed to be off limits to the kids and pretty much even the household matriarch. Most wives have such a hard time not being “Katy the Cleaning Lady” in this portion of the house but most couples have learned to cope. You’ve also heard that a man’s home is his castle. However, there is no mention that his jurisdiction does not extend over the entire home. So what’s a guy to do? Build or design your own man cave, that’s what. Furthermore, the “she shed” can be a “he shed?”

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Primary Things You’ll Need

The DIY man cave that is not a room in the house is a novel idea; it is actually the equivalent of a “he shed.” Pretty much all it takes to build your own DIY man cave are these ingredients:

  • A small spot of land to build it on;
  • Typical carpenter tools: a saw, hammer, nails/screws, lumber or desired materials;
  • Finishing products, such as paint and man-decor;
  • Most importantly, a vast and limitless imagination!
  • Be sure and check with your HOA or local government to see if building permits are required.
  • Why Should You Build Your Own DIY Man Cave?

    Budget: You do have options to go easier routes, but they will cost you more money. For example, a pre-fab shed in which you can add insulation, paint and design is easier but will cost more. Wouldn’t you rather build the structure with your own hands and elbow grease and save more than a few bucks? You obtain your own materials and you are the labor. Materials can also been garnered creatively especially if you design your man cave of some existing structure such as a storage bin or even an abandoned camper.Enter your text here…

    Timing and Scheduling: Furthermore, a DIY build can be done at your own pace, especially if there are budget shortfalls that might put the project on hold for a bit. When you are finished, you will always have a project that is yours and yours alone, even if a friend turned a screw or two.

    It’s Your Baby: From start to finish, you have complete control of your man cave project. You are not dealing with contractors, architects, designers or salesmen. The entire project is yours, from your own vision to the finished product. 

    Much of the Fun is the Getting There: Do you remember when you were a child and you built projects such as model cars, airplanes, Lego kits, puzzles and more? You were so proud of your finished product, but it was like finishing a good book…finishing it was almost sad. Hence, building your man cave yourself will be much like that, just on a larger scale. 

    Finally, Make it Truly Yours: You may choose to seek out ideas for your finishing touches on Pinterest, magazines, websites, or you may just fill and design your own personal man cave with those things that please you

    Finally:When your DIY man cave is finished, all that you will need to do is set your rules and govern who is allowed to enter your omniscient castle. This is not just in reference to kids and the Mrs. You may find that some of your best buds will try to develop a bromance that’s all about those sweet digs you have.Enter your text here…

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