DIY Man Cave Bar Ideas on a Budget

diy man cave bar ideas on a budget

If you’re looking for some DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget, we’ve got you covered! If you have a tight budget but still desire a man cave, you can still achieve the look you desire without spending too much. The key to reusing old furniture and decor pieces is to be able to look at them in new ways.

Continue reading to learn our creative and affordable ways to outfit your man cave!

Fill a large glass jar full of old billiards balls. For instant art, frame old license plates. Make a towel bar out of an old football handle. You can transform old equipment into wall art by hanging tennis rackets and displaying footballs in display cases.

Make your coasters from old beer labels. To showcase your favorite sports, frame old programs and sports tickets. The point is that you can make instant decor items by looking at any souvenirs or paper items that you have.

Cheap man caves do not have to look like dive bars. It’s amazing what a can of paint, a good rug, and a vintage leather couch and chair can do for a room. Garage sales and flea markets are great places to find cool decor and art.

Vintage objects are a great option, as most man caves tend to be industrial-chic and masculine-looking. They are affordable, have lots of history, and look cool.

If you are looking for hardwood floors for your cave, then consider cabin-grade flooring. It is significantly cheaper than consumer-grade and has imperfections that add character to the space.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: Big Screen, Simple Furniture

Homeowners I know focused their budget on a projector and a giant screen. This allowed them to spend more of their money where it was needed: on the picture. This man cave is perfect for those who enjoy watching movies, sports, or hosting parties with friends.

Simple furniture gives the man cave a homey feel almost like a college house. The whole space feels relaxed and happy. This man cave is a great example of how to put your money where it counts.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: Decorated Garage Man Cave

Another set of homeowners I know made an equally smart decision. Rather than spending their money on furniture and paint, they decided to invest in decor and a table for ping pong. Their man cave’s design is very classic and macho.

The walls really represent the owner. It feels like they didn’t try to impress people by trying to get the best. These homeowners deserve praise for being low-key.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: A LED Backlit Screening Area

The cheapest way to transform a space is with LED backlights. A media-focused man cave doesn’t require thousands of dollars; you can spend just a few hundred dollars and receive a dramatic aesthetic boost to every movie night, gaming session, or sports party you host.

LED backlights are a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your home for a small investment.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: Homemade Corner Bar

Are you a DIY-er or do you love working with wood? Consider building your bar yourself, instead of paying someone to do it for you. This will save you tons of money on shipping and labor, as well as a DIY feel that makes it look more professional than it does.

When buying or building a bar, the wood’s natural color is what I love. It lets me know that this project has great craftsmanship.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: Combination Budget Bar/Workshop

Another approach would be to have the man cave focus on one aspect instead of spending equally on everything. For instance, you could create a cool workshop that flows seamlessly into a wooden bar counter as the centerpiece of your man cave.

Leather bar stools are always a nice touch as all the pieces should fit together well. To the left, you will see sports memorabilia, a sofa with a wooden coffee table, and the rest of the man cavern.

DIY man cave bar ideas on a budget: Wood Crate Bar Area

A collection of antique-style wood can be used to create bar storage. This is a great way for small budgets to achieve a man cave look. It doesn’t have an expensive bar countertop but it’ll look great!

This is also the perfect way to set up a bar in your basement so you can enjoy a cocktail and watch the big game every week.

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