Backyard Shipping Container Man Cave

backyard shipping container man cave

It’s essential to find a refuge from the stresses of modern life. Man caves make the ideal space for relaxation. A backyard shipping container man cave might be the best way to make one.

You have to balance a stressful job, childcare, volunteering, and household chores. What if you could go to a place where you could just relax and forget all about it for a few moments? You can get away from the “real world” and spend your time focusing on your health, hobbies, and passions.

This is what we are referring to in our article about shipping container man caves. You can call it yoga yurt or reading room, or creativity casa.

We don’t care what you call it; we are going to tell you how storage containers can help you achieve your dream economically and easily.

Container Man Cave Ideas

Tiny Backyard Container Building

This example is made with the rare 10 ft shipping container. It is well below the 120-square-foot limit some municipalities have set, but still offers all the advantages of container construction. This building measures 8 feet by 10 feet and can hold a few chairs or a desk.

Glass-Walled Container Room

The large cutouts on the front wall allow for huge storefront glass windows and doors to be installed. This could be used as a man cave to enjoy the natural world. It could also be used as a workplace with blinds or curtains to block the sun at specific times.

Container Studio for Exercise

This container can be used for all kinds of activities thanks to its large deck at the front and two sliding doors. It’s possible to bring your yoga mat in or outside and have an amazing experience. It also shows that even a simple container design can be made into a stunning space by adding a few art pieces.

The Pros of Shipping Container Man Caves


Empty shipping containers some rules govern will usually be less expensive than the most basic sheds. You’d need to spend more if you needed something as sturdy as a container. A shipping container is an excellent option for this type of project.


As a child, you may have had a shed in your backyard. Is it still there? It could have blown away in a storm or rotted to the point that it’s no longer usable.

Many sheds and small outdoor storage buildings are not built to last. A shipping container is the best option if you need a building that will last longer than your current house.

It will withstand the weather, elements, pests, and mice that want to live there, as well as the sticky fingers and nefarious thieves.


Many sheds can be moved as long as they don’t have to be permanently attached to a foundation. However, you should ask yourself: “If I move it…will the trip be safe?”

Shipping containers are designed to move around the globe in the most extreme conditions and protect the contents. Other types of sheds might not be able to handle the journey as well.

You don’t want to have to worry about your man cave falling apart when it comes time to move.


Shipping containers are a flexible and adaptable platform that can be used as the foundation for a man cave or she-shed. You already have a weatherproof, lockable, and expansive building on the day you receive it. There are many other options.

You can stop at any point if your budget is tight and still have a building with bare-bones that offers promise but isn’t too extravagant. You can modify it as your budget and time permits.

Because the container’s metal walls are part of its basic structure, any wood studs or interior design elements that you add to it won’t impact the building’s strength. Your container will remain standing if you decide to modify any of the above later.

You can also change the appearance of a container’s exterior. Any cladding that you add to a container is not part of its supporting structure.

You can build on the outside or inside of the container and change it up as you wish, knowing that everything is secure within the container.

The Cons of Shipping Container Man Caves


We discussed earlier how strong and durable a container can be, especially when compared with other options for building an outbuilding or shed. This container’s only drawback is its weight.

Because of its weight, a container can’t be picked up by just a few people to move around the yard. It won’t move unless you have some heavy equipment once it’s placed. You will need a solid foundation to place it on to prevent it from sinking into sandy soil, making it difficult to open.


Each location is unique, but some rules govern the size of outdoor structures you can build before you have to obtain more expensive permits or drawings. These regulations are often enforced at 120 square feet.

The smallest container of any size is 20ft x 8ft. This would be 160 square feet. Although smaller containers are possible, they are rare. This is to say that you should first check the local regulations before getting too attached to shipping containers.

The dimensions of shipping containers also have an impact on how they are moved. A shipping container cannot be moved individually like shed kits. Because they are heavy and large, you will need either a large forklift or a crane to transport them.

You need to think about how you will get to your container. Is there an accessible path that is large enough or can a crane lift the container across a fence? Although these issues can be solved by most people, they are worth careful consideration.


Shipping container man caves can be used in a variety of ways that allow you to pursue your passions with complete freedom. There are many ways to use these spaces. We also have information on how you can buy or build one. We’ve also highlighted many reasons shipping containers make the best choice for unique spaces.

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